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Conguero Tres Hoofers 旅の軌跡が詰まったアルバム『Musical Traveler』 「LIVE CTH」以来、2年半ぶりの リリース!! http://cth-japan.com WAVデータ版 『 Musical Traveler』 1 Musical Traveler 2 Far East 3 Around the Ark 4 B.O.W. 5 Platz / Puls 6 纏う~Matou (Wear it)~ 7 Silver Forest 8 Island Lovers Composed by Atsumi Yukihiro Arranged by Conguero Tres Hoofers Recording engineer : Motoki Tanizawa as Moky Mastered by Seiki Kitano at Bang On Studio Daikanyama Mixed by Atsumi Yukihiro Art work by :Hot Love Man Type B at Dandy Guru Studio Photo by Maria Golomidova Management by DOUBLEFIVE Special thanks to Our family, Our friends, Our gods, the Earth, All of the cosmos