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▶︎Titles 01. time (intro) 02. Transfer ticket 03. Alethic Blade 04. Parallel Shrine 05. a kind of nocturne 06. Around the Ark 07. B.O.W 08. JAPANESE MUSIC 09. Akashic Love 10. platz / puls 結成から三年の時を経て、新たなステージを求めた Conguerotres hoofers (以下CTH)の 54日間に渡るヨーロッパツアーをまとめたDVD! メンバー全員世界への可能性を感じたと語るツアーの中で、ヨーロッパの 土地、その人々、そして様々な文化との出会いが彼らの持つ独特な音楽性 絶妙な”間”を更に進化させた。そしてこの旅で、特に長期の滞在となったパリ そしてオランダ・ベルリンの印象をもとに新曲3曲が誕生。パリで行われたツアーファイナルライブにて初披露しヨーロッパツアーを 締めくくった。 それら全部がつまった DVD Conguerotres hoofers meets Europe 2014 ”CTH” ! 映像とインタビューは含まれているのに 再生したままで音だけでも楽しめる作りになっているのが魅力です! It has been three years since Conguero Tres Hoofers (CTH) was formed. They have just finished the grand European tour of 54 days. The members were greatly inspired during the tour and are more moAvated ever before toward more possibiliAes. Encountering with different cultures and people of different naAonaliAes, they have developed themselves into a new stage where their unique music brings forth superb rhythm and Aming. And they wrote three new songs based on their impressions of their long stay in Paris, Holland and Berlin. Those new songs were performed for the first Ame in the final live stage in Paris. In this way their grand European tour ended successfully with the last performance in Paris. ▶︎Conguero Tres Hoofers Guitar : Yukihiro Atsumi Percussion / Trumpet : Hiderow Nishioka Tap : SARO http://www.cth-japan.com [DVD Production team] Takako Kato (Doublefive) / Yumiko Tanaka / Akira Otagro (AGRO CREATIVE) / Takeo Okuda [Special Thanks] Arnaud G-Ness Productions BASEMENT Cafe de paris Chez adel DO I SMELL CUPCAKES DUPPIES PERAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CO. Satourne Shot by Elokami Tv @ Covent Garden Studios" Booking by 33 Degrees MADO berlin Mustard ◆◆◆For Overseas Customers◆◆◆ This product can be shipped by EMS. Please add "ADD EMS Sending service" in the "category" to cart. (Your payment: Commodity price + EMS sending fee¥1000 + postage ¥900) The delivery will take 3 to 10days. Thank you so much.